Mini-group + individual Russian course

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Age: no restrictions

25 lessons per week

Combines the fun and atmosphere of mini-group lessons with the individual attention of private classes.

General Russian in mini-group + Russian for your specific purposes: Business Russian, Russian for Travel Industry professionals, International Relations and Media, Russian Studies etc.

If you want to practice Russian in a mini-group with students from other countries and have some private classes when our teacher will answer all your questions, help you with anything you might find difficult in learning the language, or have any special goal and area of interests, this is the best choice for you.

Minimum duration - one week.

Note that it is possible to combine a Standard Group Russian Course with an additional one-to-one class (or classes) devoted to your personal needs (e.g. business, literature, etc.)

One level takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

In one or two weeks a beginner can learn the Russian alphabet, gain a basic understanding of the language system, and learn a number of the most useful words and expressions used in everyday Russian. Non-beginners can improve their language skills at any level even within one week.

Combined with the Russian courses and wide range of entertainment activities, our Language school provides weekly Speaking clubs, which give a deeper perspective of Russian life and history.

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