Math intensive summer course

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Mathematical thought helps your brain develop.

Young adults rapidly create synaptic connections. A developing brain engaged in critical thinking will create more connections. Like lifting weights, the more challenging the better. Math is a wonderful challenge. Adult brains can sharpen up as well. A knowledge of mathematics enhances any resume.

Math is the language of the natural world. Math is everywhere

The summer course comprises 10 sessions that you’ll find yourself looking forward to.

It’s not about ability, anyone can solve a math problem. It’s about confidence. We’re here to change your attitude about math. Not only will your grades improve, you’ll be so intrigued you end up having fun! You are 10 sessions away from math mastery!

Summer is by far our favorite time to tutor math. With no class to keep up with, we can focus 100% of our attention on fundamental skills that lead to success. Often during the school year, we'll notice a skill that needs work. We don't have time to fully dive in because we have a test to prepare for.

During summer, we can spend all of our tutoring time mastering the skills that lead to success in math. We do it in a manner that is fun and engaging. We turn students into ultra-confident math machines that will crush their fall math class. Students that participate in the summer math-intensive program become A+ math students for life.

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